Benefits of Moringa

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Now more than ever there is an increased focus on health and wellbeing and the role of nature in particular. Many people are revisiting traditional preventative and remedial means to better health, especially those related to improving our body’s immune system. One such source, Moringa, is referred to as ‘the miracle tree’, a plant belonging to the Moringaceae family. What are the benefits of Moringa? 

It is no wonder Moringa is labelled as a miracle, as it contains approximately 539 compounds and can aid the prevention of 300 diseases, according to Ayurveda.

Although the commonly used parts of Moringa are the leaves and seeds, all parts of the plant are beneficial, including its pods, roots and bark. Moringa is used in producing oil, to cook with and for medicinal and beauty advantages.

Nutrition benefits of Moringa

Energy boosting Moringa leaves have:

Three times more iron than spinach.

Four times more vitamin A than carrots. 

Four times more calcium than milk. 

And contain all the essential 8 amino acids needed by the body.

What other health benefits does Moringa have? 

  • Moringa stimulates metabolism and helps with cell repair and maintenance.
  • This miracle product acts as an immune stimulant, helping to improve natural bodily defenses. It is abundant in magnesium, potassium, copper and selenium, all crucial for a healthy system.
  • Moringa is rich in beta-carotene, stimulates appetite, controls circulation and balances sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • As a natural detoxifier with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as antioxidant, Moringa helps us to excrete toxins, improving kidney function.
  • Moringa is rich in folic acid, which increases flow of breast milk in lactating mothers. With no reported side-effects, it is safe for both adults and children.
  • The ben oil extracted from Moringa seeds is a natural skin softener for babies.  
  • Moringa pods are natural sources of calcium and multivitamins and carry antiseptic qualities, helping in the healing of minor wounds.

Body Products

The health benefits of Moringa are not just experienced internally but will also impact externally, in hair and skin.

In its contribution to the forming of keratin, zinc enriched Moringa helps to maintain healthy hair, reducing hair loss and with its vitamin A content, countering dry scalp and dandruff and being rich in Vitamin E, Moringa helps absorption of nutrients via the hair follicles.

With 30 antioxidants Moringa naturally cleanses and moisturises. Moringa is known to be anti-ageing too, countering the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  This is done by detoxifying skin cells to maintain a youthful complexion.  This is further boosted by the presence of sulphur, which is key in the production of collagen, known to strengthen the skin and promote elasticity.

We harvest Moringa from our very own farm and use all parts of the tree in our products. This provides a sustainable and powerful base for our range. Shop our product range here:

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