Phyto-Grow 20L

Phyto-Grow is an organic (non-synthetic) bio stimulant produced using extracts of certain parts of the Moringa Oleifera tree.
Agricultural Bio stimulants include diverse formulations of compounds, substances and other products that are applied to plants or soils to regulate and enhance the crop’s physiological processes, thus making them more efficient.


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Bio stimulants act on plant physiology through different pathways to improve crop vigour, yields, quality, and post-harvest shelf life/conservation.

Plant bio stimulants are a group of substances including microorganisms, certain plant extracts, humid acids, and amino acids. Bio stimulants foster plant development by enhancing the plant’s ability to assimilate nutrients and to develop completely. Plant bio stimulants are typically based on extracts of natural products and contain naturally occurring combinations of chemicals.

By encouraging complementary soil microbes and improving metabolic efficiency, root development and nutrient delivery (everyday good farming practices) Phyto-Grow can:

  • Increase yield in terms of weight, seed, and fruit set.
  • Enhance quality, affecting sugar content, colour, and shelf life.
  • Improve the efficiency of water usage.
  • Improve the efficiency of fertilizer absorption.
  • Strengthen stress tolerance and recovery of the plant.

Phyto-Grow Application: Phyto-Grow is added to water with a 3% dilution ratio (1:32) and applied as a foliar spray. We recommend the following 4 application times:

  1. Flowering phase.
  2. week after first application.
  3. Prior to fruit set.
  4. week after fruit set.


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Weight 20030 g
Dimensions 280 × 280 × 410 mm


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